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Thursday, 14 January 2010 20:36

By Theresa Martin


It's official! Daphne is the first Norfolk in North America to gain flyball titles. She achieved her Flyball Dog Excellent (FDX) title, the second level of point standings.

Here is part of a quote from our captain, Suzanne;


“Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad that you all had fun!!!!!!!!! She is a special little girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was interfered with twice and still kept racing!!!!!!!! Very amazing for a small dog!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she ran clean all weekend!!!!!!!!!! Daphne earned 160 points, so has her Flyball dog excellent title!!!!!!!!!! Her fastest time was 9.567 seconds, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And was recognised for being cute and persistent!!!!!!!!!!!!! and was on the 1st place team, so got a prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should boast big time to the breeder and breed list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Caledonia here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


She raced her little heart out all weekend! Our Golden Retriever, Barat, and Daphne were both named to the same team, and took turns running with the other three fast dogs! Three fast dogs plus one slower one still has a good average time, and our team won first place in its division. The goal is to run races with a total time of less than 24 seconds to get maximum points (25).  Daphne had a couple of those. During one set of races, best 3 of 5, several mistakes were made by the humans. Daphne had to run to the box a total of eight times! Both teams made mistakes during one race, so it kept going, and finally, our team won with a time of 64 seconds, beating the other team's 66 seconds! The whole room laughed, as an average race is under 24 seconds! The last time Daphne had to run to the box, Kim (her owner/handler) ran with her to the starting line. Kim stopped and Daphne did too! Kim said "Daphne go!" so she did! The team is so supportive of her and really cheered her on, as well as most people in the arena. Several people came over to admire her and compliment us both. Daphne has to jump 8" jumps, but the minimum height is going down to 7" on October 1st, so that might help! We also have some other ideas to try at practice, now that we have seen her perform in a real life situation. One time, a dog got loose from its owner and came up to Daphne just as she reached the box. Our box loader said that Daphne told it to 'go away, it's my ball' and she still got the ball and ran back to me! What a good girl.


As our team listened at the Awards Ceremony, the host team said that they had chosen dogs to be part of their Dream Team. The first dog named was Daphne! They said she was chosen because "She is too cute and never gives up!" “Too cute!!!” was echoed around the room by other people. It was a great start to her racing career!!!!


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