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Written by Linda Dowdle   
Friday, 02 September 2011 20:16

Screens: Norfolk can easily push out loose screens and escape. Be sure to install snug and sturdy screens in all of your doors and windows.

Buckle Up! – We all know dogs love to feel the wind on their furry faces, allowing them to ride in the bed of pick-up trucks or stick their heads out of moving-car windows is dangerous. Flying debris/ insects can cause inner ear or eye injuries plus abrupt stops or turns can cause major injury, or worse! Seatbelt harnesses or crates should be used to keep dogs safe when in the car.

Cleaning: Be sure to keep all cleaners and chemicals out of your Norfolk’s way!

Lawn Care: Fertilizers, insecticides & herbicides keep our plants and lawns green, but their ingredients aren't meant for four-legged consumption and can be fatal if your Norfolk ingests them.

Keep Norfolk Leashed in Unsafe Areas: Terriers are instinctive vermin hunters and a furry creature is enough to send them chasing, which may lead them to being lost or hit by a car.

Little Critters: Make sure your Norfolk is on year-round heartworm, flea & tick preventive medication. Ask your vet for his/her recommendations.

Submitted by:  Linda Dowdle


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