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Written by Linda Dowdle   
Tuesday, 16 February 2010 14:10

Daphne is our six-year-old Norfolk and a very busy girl! She participates in Obedience, Agility, Flyball, Lure Coursing and Earthdog as well as doing a lot of hiking. She lives with our Golden Retriever and our Saluki, both much bigger than her. Sometimes she gets run over or stepped on by them! There is a lot to manage in a 10lb. body on 5-inch legs!

I had noticed that she had started hesitating before going up stairs and a couple of times had wondered if she was limping. My Golden Retriever has been seeing an Animal Chiropractor, Dr.Annette Langlois, for about a year and she has improved his health a great deal, so I arranged for her to examine Daphne.

Chiropractic adjustments help correct what are called Subluxations. Subluxations are areas of abnormal movement in the joints of the spine that interfere with normal nerve function. These can affect physical and mental health in different ways: limping; avoiding stairs or jumping; stiff after lying down; loss of speed; change in motivation or behaviour. Conformation dogs that often refuse to stack squarely may have a problem with their spinal flexibility. Obedience dogs doing attention heeling may show signs of pain or irregular gait. Dogs may stop playing with toys or twirling with happiness when friends come to visit!

Dr.Annette did a thorough exam, checking Daphne’s gait and posture. Using her hands, she extended and flexed Daphne’s head and neck. Then she carefully and methodically worked her fingers along Daphne’s spine, from tail to head, checking for subluxations. When she found restricted areas she gently adjusted her spine. Daphne did not mind Dr. Annette doing this and I fed Daphne small treats to keep her still and facing forward. After her adjustments she got a biscuit! Dogs will often seem more relaxed afterwards and want to sleep.

We took Daphne hiking that night and were amazed at the new spring in her step! Her gait was definitely looser and she was very happy and perky. She no longer hesitates when faced with stairs. While my Golden sees Dr. Annette monthly, Daphne now goes for an adjustment every two months. The frequency of visits would depend on an individual’s activities, problems, etc.

Whether doing Agility or chasing squirrels, Chiropractic helps keep Daphne at the top of her game!


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