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1 Are Norfolk Terriers a healthy breed? Jeff Nesbitt 1769
2 Do Norfolk Terriers bark or dig a lot? Jeff Nesbitt 2443
3 How much exercise do Norfolk Terriers require? Jeff Nesbitt 1914
4 Are Norfolk Terriers good with other pets? Jeff Nesbitt 1868
5 Are Norfolk Terriers good with children? Jeff Nesbitt 3074
6 How long do Norfolk Terriers live? Jeff Nesbitt 2611
7 Do Norfolk Terriers require a lot of grooming? Jeff Nesbitt 1906
8 Do Norfolk Terriers Shed? Jeff Nesbitt 2969
9 Should we crate train? Jeff Nesbitt 1999
10 Are Norfolk terriers easy to housebreak? Jeff Nesbitt 1609
11 Are Norfolk Terriers easy to train? Jeff Nesbitt 1704
12 Can a Norfolk terrier be trained to stay in my yard without a fence and to walk off leash? Jeff Nesbitt 1903

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